Course FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


Course Registration, User Name, Passwords


Q: I can’t remember my username, how do I find it?
A:  Click the Login link in the menu then click on the link instructing you to ‘request it here‘.  Or go directly to this page. Follow the instructions on the resulting page.


Q: I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it or reset it?
A:  Same as above.  Or just click here.


Technical Support

Q: Who can I contact for technical support regarding the online course, downloadable materials, etc.?
A: Send an email to:


Individual coach or staff payment

Q: can our coaches or staff pay individually for the course?
A: Yes, some clubs or leagues choose to have the individual coach or staff member pay themselves (also only $5 each), and that process is built into our platform.


About the Bulk Purchase Process

Q: Can you tell me about the bulk purchase process?
A: The Bulk Purchase Process allows a club or league to purchase licenses for their coaches, so the coach will have no cost to them. When you purchase a Bulk License you’ll create a Coupon Code that the coach uses during their registration to access the course at zero cost to them.  You may purchase in any quantity, no minimum amount, and no added service charges. If you over-estimate the number of users this year, we’ll just keep those as credits that could be used later. For example, if you purchase licenses for 100 coaches but only 90 take the course this year we’d have 10 “credits” available for use by your coaches or staff at any time in the future.


Bulk Purchases

Q: I’m interested in purchasing bulk licenses for the coaches and staff in our local club or league. How do I do this?
A:You can make a bulk purchase for your club or league by going to this page:  Bulk License Purchase.

On that page you’ll be able to:

  • Specifiy the number of licenses you’ll need
  • Create your own Club Coupon Code
  • Your coaches would enter the Coupon Code during their registration to access the course at zero cost to them
  • You can create a bulk license 24/7 in real-time
  • No minimum amount, no service charge
  • After purchase you’ll immediately receive email instructions on how to use the Coupon Code.


Q: We already have a Club Coupon Code. How do I check how many licenses we have left?
A: Go to our new Bulk License Management page for club administrators here: Bulk License Manager

  • Enter your email address and Club Coupon Code. Please use the email address originally used to create your account.
  • On this page you’ll be able to see details about your account
  • You can also add new licenses to your account directly by clicking the red box “Top Up License”


Course Material, Quiz, Certificate

Q: How long does the course take?
A: The core material for the course is comprised of six chapters. If you listen to the audio MP3 chapters, it will take about 57 minutes to go through the six chapters. You can listen in your car on the way to the practice field, with no added time in your day. If you learn through the online videos they will take a total of about 66 minutes to view the core material. And if you read the core chapters in the pdf we estimate it will take about 30 minutes.


Q: Do I have to view all of the online videos?
A:  The Sideline Sports Doc videos for the chapters are a really good way to learn the material but the videos aren’t the only way to learn. You may choose to learn the material through the online videos, or by listening to the audio MP3, or by reading the downloadable PDF.


Q: Do I have to answer the quiz questions?
A: Yes! Regardless of how you choose to learn the material you’ll still need to go online to answer the quiz questions for each of the six chapters. Once you’ve answered the quiz questions successfully, you will be issued a certificate of completion.


Q: Why is my chapter completion percentage less than 100%, even though it says that “8 of 8 mandatory elements completed”?
A:  Each chapter has 8 quiz questions, and each of these quiz questions is what we call a “mandatory element”. That means that when you answer a question- whether you answered correctly or incorrectly- you’ve completed a mandatory element. You need to answer all the questions to ge the red circle to 100%, but you only need 60% correct answers to pass the quiz.

If you don’t score 60% or better, follow the prompts to correct your answers.  This time as you hover over each question/answer with your mouse, you’ll see a tool tip indicating the correct answer and why.


Q: I lost the email with my certificate of completion. Is there another way I can get the certificate?
A: Yes. Login to the course with your username and password. On your Home page you’ll see a link to “Certificate”. Click on it and you’ll be taken to a page with your certificate.